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When doing sweet decoct bean curd, those who need preparation is a few measure, can choose a boiler that uses decoct blast cuisine, this boiler must be not to stick boiler, the bean curd facial expression that such making, it is more good to just be met with flavour, and also won’t appear a fewNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Problem, so bigForum of Shanghai night net

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The home is in at ordinary times when can learn make.

How is sweet decoct bean curd done?

~ of bean curd of sweet decoct of cookbook brief introduction this is together the simplest a measure finishsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Dish, but the beans of savor bean curd is spicy with raw ingredient. But the key is in how of decoct complete, not inattentive, need not pan, need not not touch boiler, with fried dish boiler oneShanghai Long Feng forum

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Appearance is OK of decoct intact.

How is sweet decoct bean curd done?


Water bean curd is touched 1 piece expect as follows garlic 3 valve chili 0.5 Xi oil water of 1 big spoon 1 big spoon


Garlic and chili are cleaned, cut end.

After bean curd is cleaned with water, cut the ply that makes an appointment with 0.8cm.

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Shanghai night net

How is sweet decoct bean curd done?

Fried dish boiler heats up boiler with medium baking temperature, issue the oil of 1 big spoon, the spoon that use fry in shallow oil will make an appointment with 2/3 height to bowl by dip, put oil along boiler edge, face letting boiler touchs oil, when grain of occurrence oil of upper part of the oil in waiting for boiler, put bean curd. (this is the key with bean curd whole decoct)

Decoct of medium baking temperature restricts 2-3 branchLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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After the bell, in turning small fire, decoct comes double-faced and golden can have pot.

Use the rest oil to put down garlic and chili end to fry sweet, put Xi oil and water, boil boil can.

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