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Mango is a kind of very delicious fruit, mango smell is very sweet, taste is very special, mango contains a lot ofthe nutrient composition such as a variety of vitamins, the time that mango deposits is shorter, some moment are likelyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Mango has not eaten bad, such word was wasted, mango is the time that can be saved with a few methods a few longer, how is mango put maintain time to grow? Next we look.

How is mango put maintain time to grow?

One. How is mango put maintain time to grow?

When mango is saved temperature cannot enough too tall, go in 10 ℃ left and right sides commonly. Should notice high temperature quickens his to decay particularly, sealed appear character changeably again peculiar smell. Because grow at intertropical, semi-tropical area, reason is more sensitive to microtherm. Mango autumn is worth section of high temperature much monsoon, pluck when cyan, rapid below normal temperature hind ripe.

2. Store up the attention answers when lasting:

The airy in when 1. uses microtherm to store up, wanting to maintain environment of lay aside fruit as far as possible is fresh, avoid ventilated and undesirable and the adverse effect of ethylene.

2. uses air air to store up to also use ethylene absorbefacient as far as possible, eliminate ethylene to gasSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Tone stores up the undesirable action of the effect. Of mango store up life is extremely brief, to mango store up last must from many sided proceed with, undertake lasting integratedly.

How is mango put maintain time to grow?

3. How does mango save time to grow:

1, lay aside pre-treatment: After mango is collected, must store up as soon as possible, store up to rise the effect, proper processing should undertake before lay aside. Use at store mango to want to choose those who do not have plant diseases and insect pests not to have good fruit, undertake the good fruit that single out cleaning, take out smear reachs juice of fruit handle excessive. Washing if really while had better combine anticorrosive and antiseptic processing, can prevent the happening of disease of anthrax disease, corrupt of the base of a fruit. The fish out after dip fruit, lay open air, reelection fruit is packed store up.

2, microtherm stores up: Will timely gather the good without the injury fruit that receive, wash the excessive juice of cut of clean fruit handle with clear water, the 500-1000ppm benzene of 52 ℃ comes to reoccupy special fruit of aqueous solution dip 50 minutes and air. With the wrap up of one by one of cotton muscle paper that breathe freely, careful case or put inside fruit basket, box basket a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces fills up hay, outfit fruit is measured withSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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15-20 kilogram advisable. Buy comes loose below the ventilated environment of 20 ℃ hot 1-2 day, turn nextForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The room memory that enters 15 ℃ puts 1-2 day, store up below the environment of buy 10-12 ℃ again, maintain relative humidity to be in 85-90% .

How is mango put maintain time to grow?

3, air air stores up: Will pass anticorrosive and antiseptic processing, beforehand cold sudoriferous the good fruit after, with polyethylene film thick back cover of bag odd fruit is packed, use its oneself breath to form low oxygen and the aeriform part of taller carbon dioxide, defer mango hind ripe disintegration process, can extend day of 2-15 of time of carry of mango lay aside, store up period amount to left and right sides of a month.

4. Note

Should notice to store up pouch of film of take out polyethylene answers when the endForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, produce carbon dioxide in order to prevent to harm. After the mango after lay aside needs to be below 21-24 ℃ condition ripe, improve its character and special flavor.

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