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Chili this kind of vegetable is unfamiliar to won’t feeling for a lot of friends, although chili tastes,be more acrimony, the patient to certain disease suits not quite, neverthelessLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
What should eat only is not very much, chili also belongs to a kind of healthy food, especially green pepper. Chili besides can eat raw, frying eat besides, also can make chili dumpling stuffing. So, how is chili stuffing dumpling done delicious?

How is chili stuffing dumpling done delicious?

Advocate makings pork stuffing is right amount flour is right amount

Complementary makings pointed any of several hot spice plants is right amount

Condiment salt right amount Jiang Kuo measures right amount soy cooking wine is right amount shallot is right amount oil of Chinese prickly ash is right amount

The practice of dumpling of stuffing of pork of pointed any of several hot spice plants

One teaspoon salt is added in 1. flour, with chopstick agitate divide evenly, add water, knead the dough of smooth softness, on the lid wet cloth, tang face 30 minutes, time is OK longer, face Tang reachs the designated position, dumpling skin good roll

2. pointed any of several hot spice plants is abluent, go the base of a fruit and seed, mincing

3. arm flesh cuts man before the pig, hit into meat stuffing with mixer agitate. Green Jiang Qie end

4. is in pork stuffing in enter oil of Chinese prickly ash, mix divide evenly

How is chili stuffing dumpling done delicious?

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Enter green ginger end, cooking wine, gourmet powder again, soy is hit down agitate of a direction equably

6. puts mincing pointed any of several hot spice plants into pork stuffing in, mix divide evenly, add right amount salt to continue to be hit down agitate of a direction again equably

The side with good Tang 7. , knead divide evenly, rub becomes strip, become size with hand drag even agent child

8. takes a dose child, roll becomes dumpling skin, wrap dumpling

The water of full amount is heated in 9. boiler, issue dumpling, the Bian Xuan that arrange boiler turns churn, stick boiler in case, lid of the boiler on the lid

10. waits for dumpling float to come up, after water boil, open wide boiler to build, drench on one bowl of cold water, the boiler on the lid is built, drench again after boil again a bowl of cold water, drench in all after 3 bowls of cold water, involve fire, piece boiler

How is chili stuffing dumpling done delicious?

Officinal value

Function advocate treat

1. ” detailed outline gleaning ” : Hot eggplant sex is heated up and come loose, can dispel water is wet. Have cold water of Xiaotong heat lunar eclipse, lie shade ground, to autumn impaludism hair, 100 medicine not effect, delay to Chu Dong, eat thick chili sauce occasionally, quite dainty, every are fed need this, congee of decoct of in order to is fed, not a few, impaludism self-healing. Fine by pectoral midriff seeper, turn into cold phlegmy, get a surname with coming loose, reason easily done ear.

2. Yao Ke becomes ” food a book on Chinese medicine ” : Pass the time in a leisurely way is oldLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Feed, solution bear is angry, open appetite, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Exorcise evil spirits is evil, killForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Fishy all poison.

3. ” 100 careless lens ” : Wash chilblain, bath cold scabies, have diarrhoea large intestine classics cold addiction.

4. ” property of a medicine takes an examination of ” : Wen Zhong comes loose cold, divide sweat of swift as the wind, go cold addiction, travel is phlegmy chase wet.

5. ” food appropriate avoid ” : Wen Zhong leaves energy of life, medicinal powder cold dehumidify, open gloomy to go phlegmy, disappear is fed, reduce bug relieve internal heat or fever. Treat vomit to go against, cure choke midriff, stop have diarrhoea dysentery,

6. ” medical check ” : Can blood of travel of dispel the wind, medicinal powder cold Jie Yu, guide sluggish, stop have loose bowels, brush tinea.

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