The likelihood is from ” battleground 4 ” begin, DICE of the last few years develops ” battleground ” attune of game picture complexion is blacker, this is brought about often cannot see a person, going the player died suddenly. There had been a lot of players to blame this visibility problem on foreign Twitter. For instance famous FPS rich advocate two pieces when LevelCap shares today ” battleground 5 ” game picture. Pursue as follows, if pursue medium need not gules arrow symbol, very may much player cannot see the enemy that hides in dark remains. Additional below a female player of foreign shares this video, this female player expresses to compare TTK, DICE should solve the problem that cannot see a person more. In video, this female player is going on the bridge by on give nether world, but tell the truth, not be an eye blind, do not see the other side hides over really however. . .
” battleground 5 ” visibility problem is in BETA is fair the DICE after measuring an end has been improved afresh, but apparent DICE is done not quite still, a lot of moment see the enemy very hard as before.

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