” the subway: Escape ” an instead Epic shop falls to molopolize from Steam before put on sale, this caused the dissatisfaction of players. ” the subway: Leave ” the evaluation on the Steam after put on sale is ” special reputably ” , lead reputably for 84% . Be in before Steam purchase in advance this made player states game is good, but distain very much issue business deep silver and Epic shop. ” the subway: Escape ” it is the game of fire of the first person that makes by 4A Games, inspiration is taken from the novel ” the subway 2033 ” and ” the subway 2035 ” . The gut that game uses minute of linear task system and sandbox map to be stimulated in order to explore, itinerary and whole Chun Xiaqiu season, and nuclear winter, game uses circulatory system of day and night and dynamic climate system. There is a player to express on Steam ” the subway: Escape ” quality is excellent, picture detail is pretty good, take the place of to feel very strong, optimize it may not be a bad idea, each side is good. Still the player states the partial figure movement in game is curt, bug still has card to pause more slightly problem, but overall not affect the whole, if not be to issue trade,this is operated too coquettish, lead reputably probably the meeting is taller than now.

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