As AI technology gain ground, more and more industries are benefited accordingly. Game lover still uses AI technology to stick drawing to bring a new life character for old game promotion. Recently, a player assists Photoshop to be PC platform with respect to use AI technology famous ” half life 2 ” improved game picture to pledge, look together. It is reported, this player that is called XX used software of Topaz A.I Gigapixel to be opposite ” half life 2 ” stick a graph to undertake handling, use Photoshop to undertake little scope is optimized again subsequently, the main part that makes game medium and weapon get the promotion of certain level, for instance skin of character face ministry and hair detail promote, promotion of firearms metal simple sense. It is the around effect contrast that uses this material to wrap character below: Download address: Click download to use a method: After downloading afore-mentioned files, solution overwhelms in Steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 catalog.

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