Now, development business Slitherine announced a banner to fall to be made newly ” Neverdark ” , this is the one politic game of apocalyptic style after the paragraph. The story setting of this game is on December 24, 2030 earthly happening inside story of a plot, because lack science and technology and electric power, whole mankind civilization is destroyed at once. Game is premonitory:
Official introduction is described ” society already proper motion disintegrate, firearms, medicaments and food became hard currency, a brand-new world replaces, robber blame was full of here gang, the city has become battleground ” . In game, the player will act a part that becomes medium to live in big calamity, be in Paris, new York, tokyo lives in 3 cities, every map is based on real world development, include the ground mark building that make clear to wait. The player needs to undertake resource is collected here, the city rebuilds, further effect reachs other area. In addition game still contained optional plot, the player must be in ethical morality, careful choice acquires political check the number finally. The expert also is the core of the battle in game, arrive from the politician sharp-shooter, these different experts recapture help player urban drill to control right afresh. At present ” Neverdark ” still be in development phase, did not announce date of particular put on sale, expect please.

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