Afterwards United States holds the post of heaven branch to take the lead in affirming ” super Maliao is made 2 ” will land Ren Tiantang Switch on June 28 hind, japan of early in the morning held the post of heaven government website to fix the date of put on sale of this game formally also today, will follow game publicly still to add sent welfare content at the same time, for instance Switch network member of 1 year whole changes a code. ” super Maliao is made 2 ” it is out of design of an all sorts of different mechanism that in can using game, provide, prop personal Maliao the game that game ans outpost of the tax office. Besides him design toll-gate, still can join the network downloads to upload the huge toll-gate in the network by other user. To let a player can use a network directly, besides common edition ” super Maliao is made 2 ” besides, ren Tiantang still will roll out those who include member of network of 1 year of Switch ” super Maliao is made 2 ” ” the first time get online ” suit. Of course, compare the price at common edition (6548 yen) , want a few taller (10022 yen) . Be worth what carry is, no matter common edition or network suit can be added,send ” super Maliao is made 2 ” the theme is touched accuse a pen, the accurate operation that is used at toll-gate is designed should be met very convenient. ” super Maliao is made 2 ” will on June 28 put on sale, support Chinese.

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