Property game sends before Shikeweier disclosed the boreal Europe goddess that announce a few days ago today ” boreal Europe goddess analyses: Genetic ” (Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin) what belong to platform.

Can say this is a bad news, the platform that is this work then is IOS He Anzhuo, spoken parts in an opera this is a hand swim, of course this also accords with a hand to swim old the history of a factory overcomes Weir’s current style. Actually major player should have had psychological preparation to this, after all game can be announced in spring immediately, if be other leader,perhaps won’t draw near of PC platform so commonly issue ability to be able to be announced.

Shikeweier still published first conduct propaganda piece, do not pass and did not disclose the substantial content of game, allusion of meritorious service of producer hill bank releases before the basis push special information, make fixed position originally at boreal Europe goddess taking the place of first before, can counting is before the work that sends character.

” boreal Europe goddess analyses: Genetic ” music is in charge of making by all of cherry front courtyard, he ever also was ” boreal Europe goddess ” and ” boreal Europe goddess 2 ” compose, this the Logo of work also is to use classical goddess feather armet modelling. Cany Wen Weng is responsible this second the play is written.

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