Ren Tiantang says: To the business of video game platform that we are dedicated to, ren Tiantang is developing currently brand-new notional game platform, code name NX. NX general in March 2017 global put on sale.

Be worth what carry is NX won’t be exhibited in the E3 June on appear, will nowadays when annual bottom announce formally. New ” Saierda is fabulous ” besides landing Wii U, also can land NX lead plane. It is reported will be revealed on news briefing of Ren Tiantang E3 new ” Saierda is fabulous ” game.

New ” Saierda is fabulous ” it is Wii U molopolizes originally, on the put on sale inside year, now the day looks game is to jump the ticket arrived 2017, and still can land new leader NX, and both is synchronism appears on the market. The E3 this year is exhibited on, ren Tiantang is offerred only ” Saierda is fabulous ” Wii U edition tries play.

The personage that interior of familiar Ren Tiantang plans before the basis discloses, the configuration of lead plane of Ren Tiantang NX is very pretty good, and the software of game of one party of form a complete set also is very giant, allegedly NX lead plane game of a year yields ability will be Wii U the 3 total that reach 4 years are even much.

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