There has been news to speak of before " denounce ghost to pass 2 " interview of formula of actor of main part sound, this be about to on June 30 the glory spy library of put on sale rub behavioral game (PS Vita of / of PS4 / PS3) , nowadays (6) the day is published You Zhongchuan circle in the air child hold the position of new role – the ン of ェ of cavalier グ ウ of eye of fair green jade (Gwen) acoustical actor, perform the libretto or script of a ballad-singer to make theme song ” え of dance of に of month of 16 night の ” (the dance below 16 night month) .

This head the song is with ” denounce ghost to pass ” series theme song ” ghost denounces ツ モ ノ ” (the person that invites ghost) the new music that redesigns Cheng Ge to sing song for original song, this also is to hope to be able to pass through the singer’s sound to communicate ” denounce ghost to pass 2 ” the world, also will publish the 2nd game that uses this song to publicize film henceforth, please the player awaits everybody.

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