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One wears skirt to highlight the good season of the figure, be in so this moment, very much schoolgirl begins interest in a state of excitement reduce weight, can reducing weight is not a very good thing, because can let a person feel body and mind is tired out, above all not only should notice more on food, and do not have a thing even, blindly rely on to be on a diet reducing weight is bad to the body, if reducing weight, can pass with a few simple and effective, and have the method of the thing slowly undertake.

 How does food conduce to reduce weight

How does food let reduce weight effective

Drink first have a meal after soup

Drink boiling water first, the meeting in such stomaches has full bilge feeling, meal nature can eat lessLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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. When usFall in love with the sea to be talked with the cityForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Hollow drink Shang Shi, the stomach of empty sky can feel very quickly full full, form feeling of so called full abdomen, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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But want to notice, do not drink on a few bowls at a heat, resumptive eat dish to have a meal. Such word can make the stomach is maintained big, have caustic health. And anteprandial drink boiling water, shang Hai has the function of attenuant meal, such food can be absorbed faster, accelerate alimental to digest.

A day 3 eat cannot are short of

The decision reduces weight to whether can succeed, it is to look whether the negative balance ” that achieves ” energy, the energy total that you absorb that is to say should be less than the energy total that you spend. What say here is energy summation, it is to see you one day even a paragraph1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The energy that time absorbs, is the energy of the meal not just. Ate a meal less, issue a meal to may eat morely, and the person often can lose control power when hunger, refus of probable at ordinary times meeting and far, beverage of food of rubbish of low nutrition tall caloric, rubbish, very hungry when may one hungry is not choosy about his food. Say so, a day of 3 meal should have on time, and want the dietary convention with good nurturance.

 How does food conduce to reduce weight

Change a hand to place dish to enjoy slow eat

A lot of people have a meal to also resemble fighting same, the bang in Pi a few eat. Had had a meal fast person, often gastric bowel is bad, still meet eat easily because of too much and cause fat. You might as well try to use seldom that use hand will take a chopstick, such you won’t clip is too much dish, every heft nature decreases somewhat, and can reduce appetite.

Eat the food that took certain amount when us, gastric bowel path feels expand, can send the signal of gorge to cerebrum, cerebrum is coriaceous can part to give out ” to hungry centre and gorge centre satiate the instruction of ” , stop to take food thereby. But the process that this biology feedbacks is need time, if you eat too quickly, the cerebra that waits for you gives out ” satiate when the instruction of ” , you are likely already overeat. Say so, eat slowly be helpful for reducing weight.

 How does food conduce to reduce weight

Every food is masticatory 30

Every food chews 30 times at least. Although eat not more readily, but want to nibble slow pharynx only, make the time that food keeps in the mouth longer, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Can get more full bilge feeling. Because food is in,the masticatory frequency inside the mouth is jumped over much, element of alvine hurried pancreas also jumps over human body excretive much, this kind of hormone has control appetitive function. Masticatory of course time is much, still have spin have a meal the action of time.

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