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Now on medicine more and more develop, people has begun to master the skill of a lot of new research and development when treating a disease, these can help us1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Get very good refreshment at the same time, also can avoid the problem of a few complication, plus it is advanced instrument equipment, patient susceptive anguish is very small also, while the hospital is checked, the doctor can introduce to us about allowing element and the treatment of flying second, these two kinds investigateLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Unexpectedly which good?

Accurate element and flying second which good

Flying second and accurate element which good

“Flying second ” namely ” accurate element ” among them a kind, will tell popularly, the process with laser myopic treatment is in namely cornealForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Go up to make a valve first, lift corneal valve next, the matrix layer ground below valve the degree of myopic, far-sighted, astigmatism has accurate cutting, make the eye forms natural lens, achieve the goal that treats myopia thereby. And compare with photograph of operation of common accurate member, “Flying second ” when special place depends on making corneal valve namely, be to use laserLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Replace corneal ply knife, such need not the corneal valve that the knife makes is more accurate, slant to cornea thin patient is a good news.

But, laser surgery suits 18 — 45 years old between, myopic degree is in 1400 degrees the following, astigmatism 600 degrees of the following crowdsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, if your myopic degree compares stability nearly two years, and without eye ministry or systemic sex disease, with respect to the proposal you have comprehensive examination to normal medical establishment, whether does the operation suit in light of.

Accurate element and flying second which good


Carry the research of pair of flying seconds, besides announce besides the secret of science, still promoted the application of technology of ” of laser of new-style ” flying second and development. Flying second laser is a kind of cycle can exceed with flying second calculative exceed short pulse laser by force. Its occurrence was offerred for the mankind unprecedented brand-new experimental method and physical condition, having very wide application perspective. It is particularly OK that the flying second that uses this kind to exceed powerful short pulse laser detects application ruptures at including chemical bond, new key is formed, proton is delivered and the electron is transferred, compound isomerization, molecular solution leaves, react the speed of intermediate child and final result, angle and condition distributing, the action of the chemical reaction in solution and dissolvent, the influence that the vibration in the element and roll react to chemistry.


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Corporeal element and atom, move in apace all the time, this is microcosmic material

Flying second laser

Accurate element and flying second which good

Flying second laser

Important major attribute. After flying second laser arises, the process that the mankind can observe on the level of atom and electron they exceed rapid movement tries to use. In high strenth the action of flying second laser falls, material meets gaseous, liquid state, solid state become plasma between twinking. Laser of high power flying second and electron beam collide, can produce X ray to fly second laser, ray laser and losing an electron to be opposite. In addition, use flying second laser to be able to quicken an electron effectively, make the dimensions of accelerator gets going up thousandfold compression. Laser of high power flying second and corporeal interaction, can produce the neutron of adequate measure, implementation laser is controlled the fast ignition of nuclear fusion.

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